As we are becoming more aware of sustainability here in the Royal Borough. When we found out that Filling Good, a new, focused, sustainability business was coming to Maidenhead, we decided to interview them to find out more about their business. 
Tell us about your business 
Filling Good is a not for profit community zero waste shop, run by volunteers, and owned by locals. Nelly Semaille started Filling Good as a pop up in 2019 but then decided to make it a community project which is when Sophie came on board. Our aim is to inspire a sustainable lifestyle, providing products which are the most eco-friendly, local and ethical as possible. We sell loose foods, cleaning liquids, and other sustainable and ethical goods without packaging; the idea is that people bring their old containers rather than buy products in new containers, thus reducing the amount that ends up in landfill. Many of our suppliers take back the containers to use again. 
What’s been your biggest achieve since launching? 
Making more people aware of the benefits of shopping in a more environmentally friendly way. Being told how wonderful our shop and volunteers are and how pleased they are to see us in Maidenhead. 
What excites you about your industry? 
It is growing and more people are following this way of living. We are definitely part of the future way of doing your groceries, bringing more sustainability in the whole supply chain as well as in the individual lifestyle that people choose. This is absolutely key as we are now in the middle of a climate emergency and biodiversity collapse. 
What excites you about being in the centre of Maidenhead? 
Maidenhead is changing and we are delighted to add a friendly, welcoming shop with lovely foods and gifts to come and visit. Our unique offer makes the town center more attractive to many people so we help the local economy thrive and the high street to be more lively. 
What advice would you give someone who’s interested in starting their own business? 
Persevere, if you believe in it then make it happen. It has been a struggle with Covid and lots of delays, but we were determined to see Filling Good on the high street to help the people of Maidenhead live a more sustainable, eco friendly lifestyle which will lead to a better environment to live in. As a cooperative run business, we can definitely underline the benefits of a social enterprise, and confirm that there is a great sense of community in Maidenhead, which is a great ally against tough economic times. 
What top qualities do you think you should have as a business owner? 
Understanding the needs of your customers, being friendly, welcoming and listening to them. Taking the people you work with along with you, create a nice work environment. Business planning and benchmark within the industry is also key to prevent you from failing. 
Who is your biggest inspiration in business? 
David Attenborough is one of our biggest inspirations, as is Suma, a cooperative with high sustainability and human values. The Waltham place is another inspiration of ours because they are a local and ethical biodynamic farm, selling gorgeous products and inspire more people to regenerative agriculture and gardening. 
Generally, all the businesses who are making tremendous efforts to protect our planet. If your own business is willing to take a step in a sustainable direction, don’t hesitate to contact us for a collaboration! We have a lot of options on how to help on this journey, here in the Royal Borough.  
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