About The Chamber 

About The Chamber 

We are a non-profit organisation, funded entirely by members and volunteers 

The Chamber Community is made up of Volunteers, all experienced Business Professionals who care about helping local businesses and the community to prosper and succeed. 
We've been in existence for over 100 years, providing networking opportunities for businesses in and around Maidenhead. Our regular contact with government representatives and access to senior business leaders in the community make it possible for us to provide critical business advice and keep members up to date with local issues and development opportunities. 

Our aims for the chamber  

Create, promote and organise local networking, information and business events 
Market and promote local events to attract Businesses into the area 
Support Business Start-Ups, Women In Business, The Annual Business Awards 
Lobby the council on local business issues and the regeneration of the Town 
Represent Businesses and Traders at Council meetings, planning and development 

Vision Statement 

Develop a thriving, environmentally responsible and sustainable business environment within Maidenhead and the district. 

Mission Statement 

Giving business a voice, promoting growth and fostering economic development within Maidenhead and the district by: 
Educating members 

Meet our Directors  

John Chetter 
Seema Goyal 
Julian Dale 
Donna Stimson 
Anthony Platt 
David Williams 
1959 M.S. Metz 
1960 W.L. Halliday 
1961 W.K. Watkins 
1962 E.C. Furley 
1963 R.M. Evans 
1964 R.R. Sands 
1965 N.E. Brown 
1966 H.E. Mansbridge 
1967 R,F, King 
1968 N.E. White 
1969 K.G. Briskham 
1970 J.E. Pike 
1971 S.W. Lane 
1972 M.J. Raynes 
1973 P.J. Sands 
1974 G.G. Maybury 
1975 A. Norris 
1976 R.D.L. Tye 
1977 A.C. Hilbourne 1978 A.D. McHugh 
1979 J.R. Meek 1979 B. Olive 
1980 A.R. Bezant 
1981-82 C.T. Rookard 
1983-84 W.O. Board 
1985 G.F. Rutter 
1986 J.A. Hynd 
1987 C.H. Townsend 
1988 J.D. Parnell 
1989 S. Chakaveh 
1990 R.D. Welling 
1991 A. Quick 
1992 E.E. Quick 
1993 R.H. Buckeridge 
1994-95 J.R. Chetter 
1996 M.C. Adderley 
1997-98 C. Thomas 
1999 P. McArdle 
2000 T.C. Higgins 2001 H. Patel 
2002-03 H. Johnson 
2004 L. Abbott 
2005-06 A. Jenner J.P. 
2007 K. Ahir 
2008 P. Evans 
2009 E. Pearce 
2010 M.J.P. Miller 
2011-12 M. Walker 
2013-15 S. Radford 
2015-18 O. Odeniyi 
2018-2019 M Jones 
2019-2022 M.J.P. Miller 
2022-2024 S Goyal 

Chamber Executive Committee 

To contact any member please email marketing@maidenheadchamber.com 
Jane Wright 
Maidenhead Town Partnership (MTP) 
Emma Frankland 
Admin Support 
Raman Bharj 
RK Events 
Mark Harris  
Page Hardy Harris  
Bob Dulson 
Robyn Bunyan 
Steph James 
Maidenhead Town Manager 
Will Ballantyne 
Charles Henzi 
BusinessFit International Ltd 
David Bough 
Sharon Bowler 
Hugh Wilding 
Claires Court 
Mark Brown 
Waitrose & Partners Maidenhead 
Tim Martin 
MDM Creative 
Ann Naylor 
it'seeze Windsor 
Haesham Fouda 
Anuj Khanna 
Our upcoming events 
To find out more about the Chamber you can attend one of our networking events, hosted throughout the year. 
Interested in joining the Chamber? 
More about the Chamber and how membership could benefit your business. 
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