On Behalf of the Maidenhead & District Chamber of Commerce, Pointis Solutions Ltd recently delivered a very successful virtual e-Commerce Accelerator Programme for 20 extremely attentive attendees. 
The programme was a result of a collaboration between Maidenhead & District Chamber of Commerce, MyWorkSpot Ltd, London Bridge Project and Pointis Solutions Ltd. Pointis have written the following guest blog to share news of the aims, how the programme was run and share feedback from those involved. 
“Our aims were to introduce e-commerce sales for local shops who are hesitant to start selling online or would like to improve their sales offering and reach out to new markets across the UK and even into new countries. 
Our High street is suffering from dramatic changes in shopping habits accelerated by the pandemic! e-commerce is becoming a threat to the conventional shops who have not engaged with new customer expectations. Shop owners are often not sure where, how and which platform to start, and what to do to survive or grow in the new, changing economic ecosystem. 
The e-Commerce Accelerator Programme commenced on 14th April by introducing participants to the different e-commerce business models which include Dropshipping and Print-on-Demand, Retail Arbitrage and Private Labelling. Our participants also had an introduction to the largest marketplaces in the UK which include Amazon, eBay, Etsy and Wayfair. 
Week two was all about building an e-commerce business model and participants learnt how to narrow down their niche, by thinking about key elements such as type of product and source-ability. We then went into detail with Marketplace Ads and the advantages of using these and how to use them effectively. 
Finally, in week three we covered how to use social media for e-commerce business, branding, the importance of trademark, accounting and tax matters. It was important for us to give programme participants an introduction to the e-commerce world and to give them the confidence to create their own business model to get stuck-in. 
Feedback from one participant, Yasin said “Thanks for your team's time in the preparation and presentation of such valuable information about e-commerce.” 
Aaron Sarac, CEO of Pointis added “It was really joyful for me to see people benefit. We went over how to start, how to list, and how to spread the word across Social Media. Being a part of MDCC is really a great thing to reach people.” 
Pointis, is an e-Commerce company with it's own brand, products, operations team, logistics and production. We are able to offer a partnership, allowing you to sell your products within the UK and EU through our know-how and expertise when it comes to setting up operations, the purchasing power to get you started and finally, the suppliers to help meet your demand. You can find out more about our company by visiting our website.” 
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