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New Chamber Initiatives for 2015 and beyond


Several new initiatives have been launched to increase value for members and “give them a voice” as listed below. These initiatives are at different stages of development and the Chamber welcomes input from members to help implement them.

Member News

Members can opt to have professionally written news by the Advertiser on behalf of the Chamber. The Chamber will use the copy in member newsletters, promote on the website and the Advertiser may choose to publish in the paper. This new service has proved to be of high interest so far and the Chamber is in the process of documenting a sign up process. In the meantime, please send an email to Chamber admin if you would like to offer some news.

Consultation Meetings

Members can now call a meeting to discuss a topic of common interest or if they would like the Chamber to adopt a particular position. The process can be initiated by gaining the support of 10 other members who commit to attending the meeting. Objectives for the meeting need to be agreed at the outset, which the Chamber will circulate to all other members when a date has been set. The consultation process is currently being refined.

Chamber Outreach

The Chamber is looking to collaborate with as many other local networking groups as possible for mutual gain so members can benefit from wider reach into the business community. Negotiations have been initiated with the founders of two very popluar groups who both very much welcomed being approached.

Special Interest Groups (re-launch)

The Chamber will facilitate and promote sub groups focused on a particular topic or cause. For example, an IT group may focus on meeting to discuss new software developments or another on lobbying for a particular cause – e.g. parking (town centre isn’t the only parking challenge in Maidenhead). Other groups could focus on local SEO for online commerce - a number of possibilities exist. Contact Chamber admin if you have an idea for a specialist group.

Group Purchase

A proven method to purchase products or services for a reduced price is within a larger group. Please forward ideas to Chamber admin for products and services you would like to see included.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Projects

The Chamber is looking to bring additional value to members and the wider business community by specifying specific improvement projects for companies to implement as part of their CSR objectives.

CEO Roundtable

Arrange meetings with business leaders of larger companies for two way feedback and understand if their supply chain can be better supported from other smaller companies in the area notwithstanding corporate restrictions.


The Chamber is continually looking for ways to add value to support members. If you have additional ideas, please forward them to Chamber admin.