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Time to reduce costs?

No surprise that small and medium sized businesses are inherently disadvantaged in their ability to buy cost-effectively compared with larger organisations. Yet there are some simple steps companies can take to reduce overhead costs and improve the bottom line such as joining a buying group, which provides the purchasing muscle of collective procurement.

By purchasing collectively, businesses acquire the negotiating power of the biggest players and furthermore escape laborious administration. Upfront analysis means real-time cost comparisons can be made before committing to new suppliers.


New chamber member benefit

Therefore I am pleased to announce I have recently signed a deal which entitles Chamber members to FREE membership of the BSA Buying Group saving £495 + vat every year! With access to over 20 cost cutting categories, BSA clients have already saved up to 58 per cent on overhead costs. Members can also benefit from a 10 per cent discount on purchasing consultancy and training services.


View the Buying Support Agency website


Setup your own staff perk service via BSA SmartCash service

Members can now even save money for their staff’s own households thanks to BSA “SmartCash". SmartCash is a simple online voucher system that enables staff to make real savings by making purchases through a web link. Members can set up this service as "staff perks" within their own branded link or simply use the chamber link.


Would you like to learn more?

To learn more, contact admin@maidenhead.org.uk , follow @MaidenheadDCC and subscribe to the online chamber publication, chamberpaper.maidenhead.org.uk

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Olu Odeniyi


Maidenhead and District Chamber of Commerce